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Welcome to our multi-national family!
Greetings in the compassion and grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ. May the word of John inspire us, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him." I John 3:1. This message of God's love is the theme of our Church family. The All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Church would love to have the opportunity to minister to you and your family.  
Our worshipers are composed of more  than 17 different nations.
We are working to grow with more nations represented each week. We are selecting an ambassador to represent each nation so that we can encourage each nationality to flourish within our congregation.
Site Navigation and Information
As you browse through this site you will find many links to other pages; and even off-site to other ministries that share a common desire to help you have a closer walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Ask that the Holy Spirit shows you clearly what you need to find today that would bring God closer into your life.

Today there is more confusion than ever over what the Bible really says. With the media producing constantly a steady stream of misinformation and outright lies, it is no wonder that people are perplexed. You may even have heard that the body of Christ has been found in an earthly tomb. To help make some sense out of all this there is a page for BIBLE STUDY  
that allows you to seek answers to single questions that you have, and even to do a complete series of studies for those wanting to see a more comprehensive picture of what the Word of God wants you to have. As these answers come directly from God’s Word, this is useful, regardless of which Church you attend or whether you even attend one at all. 

On the DEVOTIONAL page you will find fresh, daily inspirational articles that will help you on your daily walk with God or a comforting message as you retire for the night. Please return daily as the message will be new each day.
Perhaps you may want to visit the MINISTRIES page and see for yourself how the local Church and even the worldwide Church is reaching out to God’s children, both old and young. You can go directly to our  COMMUNITY OUTREACH page for activities that are planned for this year. You will see how this section of pages grows as more of the Church’s work is posted on the website.

The CALENDAR  page will give you up-to-date information of seminars, meetings, and other current Church activities. This page is kept current and additions and deletions are entered daily. 

The page labeled 
ONLINE GIVING is set up to provide a more expedient way of giving donations such as tithes and offerings. With our busy schedules and traveling it is often difficult to give to the Church. At this site you can give with a credit card or draw from your checking account.
The ABOUT US page is exactly what it says. If you have searched the web prior you may have seen a lot of things that are either untrue or a distortion about what the Seventh-day Adventist Church believes. Come and see for yourself what the Church actually teaches. You may be surprised when you see the difference , and then ask yourself why.
There is a page labeled BOOKSTORE for those seeking more information and uplifting literature congruent with the Christian lifestyle. Revenue earned does not return to this website as this link is provided solely for the benefit of visitors to our site. The quality and numerous available items should provide for every Christian exactly what they are seeking.

Our online MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY is a pictoral directory. However, access is limited to Church members only. All directory information is a sacred trust and should not be used for personal agendas, but is meant for building up the body of Christ and for increasing fellowship.

SAILING WITH JESUS a Washington Conference weekly electronic newsletter is available from the Conference website or clicking on the blue name.

CONTACT US page is for you to send a message to the Church office, Pastor, or to the webmaster. If there is something that you would like to see added or changed, please contact us. If you would just like to make a comment, please use one of the email addresses supplied or phone the Church office.

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